Study Buddy: Daily Practice Motivation

Artist: GlitterGirl Photo: Patti Leecious
Artist: GlitterGirl
Photo: Patti Leecious

Imagine you’re in a kitchen and you drop a single egg from the dozen in your hand. Would you then throw down the other eleven simply because you lost one? Or would you clean up the spill from the lost egg and carry on with your day?

Our practice is like the carton — some days we simply lose an egg. Our opportunity in that moment is about how we choose to be with that loss and how to return to the practice. Or, as the old saying goes, get back up on the horse and give it another try.

  • Do you sometimes find it hard to get motivated to give it another try?
  • Do you find it hard to make time to practice?
  • Do you wish you could have someone there to encourage you as a personal cheerleader?
  • Would you be more successful if you had an accountability partner who supported you in achieving your specific goals?
  • Would you be inspired to practice more if you received regular reminders focused on motivating more practice?

If so and you’re ready to return to the practice with support in achieving your results, sign up now for our  Study Buddy 2016 program and find the way back to your practice or take your existing practice to the next level.

Regardless of the results you’re looking to achieve — be it expression, dance, exercise, centering, geeking out, increase in skills, decrease in stress, or anything else — the common factor helping anyone achieve results is engaging and re-engaging through time. Thus, the first concern in achieving results is ensuring we return to the practice, again and again because it doesn’t matter what your goal is if you don’t even show up.

Having completed 3 years (and counting) of daily practice, I created this problem with a focus on supporting people in their practice, although the specific type of practice is irrelevant. The specific drills we practice matter less than the fact that we set time aside to practice. This program is intended to get you focused on your goals, creating achievable plans to achieve them and to help you find support in remaining accountable to those goals. To that end, in addition to private one on one sessions, we offer four tools as part of the Study Buddy program:

  • Motivational Moment: Our Motivational Moment is a newsletter with content in the form of practice ideas, inspirational quotes, videos of extraordinary human acts that required practice, questions, links, article and/or memes. Your subscription level will determine if you get these daily or weekly.
  • Weekly Checkin: Sometimes reading a quote isn’t quite enough but going to classes or hiring an instructor for private lessons is too much. Our weekly checkins are that in-between time-and-cost-efficient-sweet-spot where you get 15 minutes of access via live chat (phone or via a typing interface, as you choose) to discuss your weekly goal, progress, strategies, stumbling blocks, areas of opportunity and the mental, physical and emotional implications of each aspect as they apply to your weekly practice. The purpose of these sessions is to assess where you’re at, what you want next, how you can achieve it, direct and hold you to your course or modify as appropriate based on new needs and shifts in desired outcomes.
  • Monthly (Virtual) Hangout: For motivational talks and strategy conversations that are real time group sharing opportunities, join our Monthly Hangout. Each session will consist of a short talk on a topic related to creating, building and/or sustaining a practice, offer specific ideas, questions and/or exercises to assist you in your growth and will then be followed on an open forum where the participants can discuss their experiences, ask for guidance and discuss issues they face in their practice.
  • Discussion List: The purpose of this forum is to create support to ensure you meet your practice goals (rather than sharing the specific results or asking for feedback on what you’re practicing). This is about the shared human experience of practicing as a concept rather than the specific aspect of what we experience in our training. As a result, we will be using a simple mailing list protocol to have discussions which will likely keep the chatter to a minimum, thereby keeping people in their practice rather than talking about practicing. Still, many of the Motivational Moments will provoke thoughts that may be interesting to discuss with others and for those interested in engaging in these focused conversations, this forum is perfect. While some folks have suggested using Facebook as a forum for group communication, because of the social aspect of the tool, what makes it great for sharing also has a tendency to pull into the orbit of “time suck” whereas email is much less engaging and therefore often used more effectively as a tool for time efficient engagement.

To gain access to the various tools outlined above, you hare 4 options for your subscription level:

  • Trial: 1 x per week an email send to your inbox with a motivational moment to inspire your practice.Tuition: Free.
    Performance & Choreography Class Registration
  • Bronze: enjoy daily motivational moments in the form of practice ideas, inspirational quotes, videos of extraordinary human acts that required practice, questions and/or memes every day of the week.
    Tuition: $10/month; $100 for all of 2016. New Year’s Special introductory price: $50 for all of 2016
    Performance & Choreography Class Registration
  • Silver: All the bronze perks + a weekly live 15 minute consult (phone or chat, our mutual choice) to assess your practice goals, direction, objectives, practice plan and co-create increasingly effective strategies to help you achieve your results.
    Tuition: $20/month; $200 for all of 2016. New Year’s Special introductory price of $100 for all of 2016.
    Performance & Choreography Class Registration
  • Gold: All the silver level perks + 1 hour monthly live group Google Hangout discussing strategies and techniques for staying inspired and removing blocks. This is an opportunity to connect with others who may want to co-create an accountability network, although for direct conversation with other participants, Gold members will have exclusive access to the aforementioned discussion list filled with other equally motivated practitioners.
    Tuition: $30/month; $200 for all of 2016. New Year’s Special introductory price of $150 for all of 2016.
    Performance & Choreography Class Registration

Additional information:

  • All payments are non refundable. 
  • You may cancel at any time but no tuition will be refunded. 
  • You must give your mail program permission to receive email from the address listed below and any other addresses specified in the signup process to receive communication. 
  • To cancel, email GlitterGirl directly at this address:gg

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