12 Reasons To Also Become A Jamberry Independent Consultant 

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If you haven’t read my article, 10 Reasons I fell in Love with Jamberry Nails , you may not know that I recently became a Jamberry Indepedent Consultant. Here I am, about to finish my 4th month, and I absolutely love it!

How it Began

As a performer, I’m always looking for ways to add more awesomeness to my presentation — be it rhinestones that shine brighter, makeup that holds up to sweat, or, in this case, nail decorations that last longer. I enjoy shaking people’s hands with a fresh manicure and having a polished look on my hands as a subtle reminder of being well put together. It gives me a sense of confidence.

The reality is though, fire dancing chips and/or smudges my nail polish terribly and doesn’t last very long. Add to that the often realized possibility that soot gets into the nail polish itself if it isn’t fully set after applying and the color remains stained and less vibrant. heaterBoth

Several years ago I started hunting for solutions to this problem. I was lucky enough to happen upon what essentially was press on nail polish that went on wet and then dried on the nail and it was applied much like a sticker.

While I absolutely loved the patterns, colors and durability of these press on polish strips, they had the unfortunate side effect of making my nails very brittle after I removed the polish. In fact, until the entire nail that had been covered in polish grew out, my nails split and chipped at the tips and I had trouble maintaining any length. I found that incredibly disappointing and so, sought a different solution.

Ibraceletsideways explored all the over-the-counter versions of press on vinyl nail decorations I could find and consistently found problems: the vinyl itself was too thick; the sticker buckled; the vinyl looked like a sticker and subsequently looked fake; many of the patterns had a juvenile look; most of them didn’t stick more than a day and overall, were ineffective. I’m glad to say my nail decorating dreams have been answered with Jamberry nails!

As soon as I explored the web site and saw an opportunity to earn more product by joining as a consultant, I took a deeper look at what the Jamberry Opportunity offered. As a relatively recent newlywed with a desire to improve my quality of life and opportunities available to me financially, I started seeking outside work after taking some time off from the Fire Dancing Expo in 2014. Despite the fact that I had looked for work over the course of the year, my criteria for an extra job is specific and demanding because I wanted to: keep my wardrobe, hair style, glittery personality and all things associated with my artistic look that enhances my work as a performer while being able to work my own hours, not need a long commute time or car and leverage the huge network of people I have amassed in the various communities I know and love. I needed flexible hours that allow me to keep Temple of Poi as my primary focus. I require the work be for an ethical company (I love that the products are vegan!) promoting empowerment and positivity. And I wanted it to be contract work. After some research I realized that Jamberry actually met all these criteria — and then some!

Why I love Working for Them

In addition to this list of 10 reasons I love the product — all of which are fantastic motivators — here’s 12 reasons why I love working for them! 

  1. IMG_0097The money. I made my initial investment back in 8 days. I’ve made a profit since the first month and it is only growing. The average monthly pay for top ranked consultants (called Elite Executives) is just over $42,000. And yes, that is monthly. Paychecks are weekly and paid on a Jamberry MasterCard Debit card, which makes it easy to hide money for that surprise gift for our anniversary! 😉
  2. The product sells itself. I’ve been doing sales for nearly 30 years in some capacity in most of my jobs. In the early days I was selling myself as a consultant which later turned to selling software and services that go with them. My IMG_7584current main career in the fire dancing industry has me selling both performances and classes. In all my time selling, nothing has ever sold so easily as this. The value is obvious to anyone interested in this sort of prouduct and because of the variety in the product, it appeals to a wide array of individuals.
  3. IMG_5212Your company is your own yet you’re part of a team. Having worked independently for the last 15 years, I’m finding it to be fantasticaly refreashing to feel both part of a team as well as completely independent. All the women on my team have been helpful, friendly and supportive which really helps propell the business forward. 
  4. IMG_3190Work as much/little as you want. As a corollary to the last point, it’s important to note this opportunity can be different things for different people. Some people do it because they want a lot of product. Some people do it because they can socialize. Some people do it for the money. And some, for all these reasons. You get to choose what makes sense for you and your lifestyle.
  5. IMG_2478I get paid to do my nails. As an artist, I find very little time in my life to do art projects for me and my own personal collection or gain. I also have a small space so I’m less interested in doing large scale pieces like my crane mobiles or installations and with Jamberry nails, I get the opportunity to do a fresh little wearable art project each week on my hands. It isn’t the same as creating a piece of art, but it does satisfy my creative self by offering an outlet for expression that is both fun and fun to look at throughout the day. 
  6. IMG_4622Free product. Not only is showing off the product the best way to sell the product, the product itself is free. Well, technically, it’s not all free, but a lot of it is, and any of it that isn’t free is a business expense. Therefore, not only am I getting paid to do my nails, the product I’m using (usually) doesn’t cost me anything. 
  7. IMG_3053The perks are fantastic. I’ve only been with Jamberry 4 months, but each month they have offered some special incentives and perks for consutants. They even went so far as to send all employees a special sheet of wraps for their birthday. I wasn’t even an employee on my birthday but got grandfathered in because of their generous policy. 
  8. IMG_9161Social networking opportunity. Whether you’re looking for women with whom to network, jamicure lovers like you or a job involving relationship building, you get it all at once as a Jamberry Consultant where you get to expand your on line and in person network while having a blast and getting paid
  9.  IMG_3200Training opportunities. I haven’t even completed 4 months and I’ve been exposed to a variety of training opportunities Jamberry has offered. In addition to fantastic materials shared by other more senior members of my team, the home office puts out weekly training materials to keep consultants up to date and current. Beyond that, the second month as a consultant Jamberry offered a comprehensive week long training with 10 different speakers sharing their wisdom and insights. As an educator, I love that this company is focused on continued personal growth.
  10. IMG_3202There is an established, mainstream industry and market for nail art.  Unlike the niche world of fire dancing classes or enterprise wide software and consulting services , the product itself appeals to a large pool of individuals. It seems that most women and more men than I had imagined have or do decorate their nails which means there is an established industry and marketplace. For 13 years, I’ve been selling fire dancing classes/performances, an industry so new that people haven’t even heard of it. What a difference! 
  11. IMG_6114The easiest job I’ve ever had. I don’t want that to be a misleading sentence because that’s not to say that the job doesn’t involve work. But the quality of the work is both fun and easy.   The nature of success is reliant on reproducing the past successes again and again. Unlike my focus over the last 13+ year building a business in a new industry, this work is clear, well understood and easy for anyone to accomplish if they set aside the time and do the tasks. I have never worked a job that was so clear while offering so much freedom and I think it’s fantastic.
  12. IMG_4485It’s fun. With this job you get to be part stylist, part fashion advisor, part artist, part confidant, all while enjoying the process of helping people find a product they easily fall in love with. On top of that, running parties is an empowering experience where consultants get to facilitate the individual, unique style of each participant. I like to run games that are both fun and promote positivity by reinforcing affirming belief and I love that I get to include that elementof my work with Temple of Poi in my Jamberry Parties.

glitterBluesAre you looking for a little extra spending money per month? Or maybe a lot? Need a flexible job that you can do from home (or anywhere)? Been thinking just a little bit about signing up with Jamberry as you read this article?

If money, training, free product, incentives and a fun, flexible scheduled job is making you even a little curious about how you too can join this great company, please contact GlitterGirl (or comment on this article with an email address that will work) for your own opportunity packet with information about joining her team and explore the website for more information here.

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