10 Reasons I Fell In Love with Jamberry Nails!

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If you’ve ever wanted a manicured look but:

  • couldn’t afford it
  • couldn’t find time to do it
  • didn’t think it lasted long enough
  • didn’t think it was worth the money
  • the polish got a smudge, dent, chip or in some way made imperfect the manicure within hours of completing it
  • find your schedule limiting for most of the day after applying the polish, thereby limiting everything
  • get impatient waiting for the nail polish to cure and subsequently move too soon and ruin it before it’s even dry, only to have to touch it up again
  • can’t stand the smell that lingers for days on the polish
  • despise more the smell of the nail polish remover
  • find nail polish makes your nails brittle
  • can’t apply it adeptly with your less dominant hand

or you’re simply curious, please read on about this recent discovery of mine!

How I found them

As a performer, I’m always looking for ways to add more awesomeness to my presentation — be it rhinestones that shine brighter, makeup that holds up to sweat, or, in this case, nail decorations that last longer. I enjoy shaking people’s hands with a fresh manicure and having a polished look on my hands as a subtle reminder of being well put together. It gives me a sense of confidence. The reality is though, fire dancing chips and/or smudged my nail polish terribly and doesn’t last very long. Add to that the often realized possibility that soot gets into the nail polish itself if it isn’t fully set after applying and the color remains stained and less vibrant. Several years ago I started hunting for solutions to this problem. I was lucky enough to happen upon what essentially was press on nail polish that went on wet and then dried on the nail and it was applied much like a sticker. While I absolutely loved the patterns, colors and durability of these press on polish strips, they had the unfortunate side effect of making my nails very brittle after I removed the polish. In fact, until the entire nail that has been covered in polish grew out, my nails split and chipped at the tips and I had trouble maintaining any length. I found that incredibly disappointing and so, sought a different solution. I explored all the over-the-counter versions of press on vinyl nail decorations I could find and consistently found problems: the vinyl itself was too thick; the sticker buckled; the vinyl looked like a sticker, when applied it wasn’t even on the hand and subsequently looked fake; many of the patterns had a juvenile look; most of them didn’t stick more than a day and overall, were ineffective. I’m glad to say my nail decorating dreams have been answered with Jamberry nails!

10 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Jamberry Wraps!

  • As an artist on a shoe string budget, I often find myself looking for low-cost high-value experiences, something all too rare these days. A sheet of wraps provides 3-5 mani/pedis for $15 or, get a price break when you buy 3 sheets and get the 4th sheet free (which is anywhere from 12 – 20 mani/pedis for $45 which is what you might pay for one in some salons here in San Francisco). Even an artist can indulge because the wraps are so affordable.IMG_9632
  • Here’s a picture of my wraps day 1 and now, as I’m typing this, day 11. They have obviously warn around the edges both at the tip of the nail and where there’s been cuticle growth. Still, the basic shape and pattern remains, there is no buckling, it still look like it’s painted on, overall, show up as a durable product. Plus, when was the last time you had an actual manicure look this good in half the time?
  • In my experience as an instructor, I’ve seen that only a small percentage of people have equal dexterity with both sides of the body. As a result, painting a pattern like this on my nails (something I did quite a bit in the 80s!) wouldn’t be equally easy and effective with both hands. Not so with these jams — the wraps are easy to apply and don’t require the precision nail polish might, which makes them look good on both hands!
  • I read somewhere you could take these off and didn’t need to use any harsh chemicals. I have to confess, I couldn’t for the life of me imagine how something this durable and long lasting couldn’t require something noxious for removal. To my great joy and surprise, my imagination didn’t limit the designers at Jamberry. They were so easy to take offhere’s a video of me taking my first set off with some hot water and shea butter (although any vegetable oil should do just fine so use what you prefer).
  • Whether you prefer the more traditional solid colors, the classic French tips, metallic colors or unique prints, jams come in over 300 unique patterns and several hundred of the patterns get phased out as new ones are introduced throughout the year. Jamberry Nail WrapsNot only that, I was elated to discover you cay layer your wraps one on top of the other or even on top of nail polish. Plus you can easily combine different looks on each hand to create infinitie individual variations as unique as you are.
  • Because the wraps are adhered to the nail rather than soaking chemicals into the nails, there is no nail damage when the wraps are removed.
  • Have you ever done your nails and while you’re waiting for them to dry, your phone rings, but it’s in a pocket? So you reach into your pocket ever so carefully and no matter how carefully you do it, you still manage to smudge your nail polish. Annoying, isn’t it? Not only is that problem completely eliminated because there is absolutely no wait time between application and when you can use your hands but in addition, you can easily stop in the middle of the application process, type a text, get a drink, stir the sauce and then go back and continue with your application without having to worry about denting the nail polish or ruining the look of your ever so carefully manicured nails.
  • Honestly, for me that’s part of what makes these colorful jams so much fun and utilitarianyou can put them on, look great for weeks and go from the applying them to any task where an artist’s hands might take a pounding in the studio in the blink of an eye.
  • Of course, if you’re the sensitive sort who doesn’t particularly enjoy the smell of nail polish or nail polish remover (as well as the odor the lingers for days)  then these are an extra special treat because they don’t use harsh chemicals or produce odors during application or removal of the jams!
  • While this criteria certainly isn’t as critical for everyone as it is for me, one of my absolute must criteria for using these was them holding up to the solvents, soot and heat from my art and guess what? Yes, they do withstand fire dancing without melting, discoloring or peeling off just fine!

How can I try?

I did some research on the company and after understanding a bit more of the three sister’s story, I felt really good about their message, desire to create personal relationships with clients who use the jams, what Jamberry has to offer and decided to try and make a little extra money while getting some discount wraps for myself. If you’re already sold, consider getting your mom this Mother’s Day Gift Set or, you can support me in my new venture and try yourself as follows:

  • Check out my Jamberry Independent Consultant site here. All purchases through that site will credit me so thanks in advance. Feel free to post a link on your Facebook page as well. 🙂
  • Join my Jamberry Independent Consultant Facebook Group here for contests, up to date information about new products and to keep in touch with others who love wraps too.
  • If you’re not in the Bay Area, check out the Facebook launch party here where you can win prizes, get samples, get your questions answered and find out more information about the wraps.
  • If you’re in the Bay Area, check out the live launch party scheduled for April 17, 2015 at Temple of Poi.
  • If you’d like a sample, want to host a party so you can get discount wraps or want other information, email GlitterGirl at Templeofpoi (daught com) with specific questions to which you want answers.