Poi Video Lessons for Intermediates Just Released: Transition Flair

Poi class: Transition Flair
Artists: GlitterGirl & Nova
Photo: Dalton Chan

If you haven’t been able to attend our Transition Flair class in person or if you’re one of those many people who practice poi who reside outside the Bay Area, we’re pleased to share with you the 85 minute digital download video training.

The series is focused on adding more style to your transitions by introducing more advanced techniques for transitions. The in person class is taught over 4 weeks and a lot of the concepts build on each other. While the video lessons only total 85 minutes, the concepts are presented so you can learn a little bit at a time and then go back to the video to learn the next section.

This videos present the lecture notes filmed live during Temple of Poi classes taught by GlitterGirl. The high level course outline follows and you can download the detailed syllabus using this link:

Stalls (~36 minutes):

  • 01IntrotoStalls.mov (12:29)
  • 02FunWithJediStallsTaps.mp4 (6:22)
  • 03UpStallsInPerformance.mp4 (1:02)
  • 04SameDirectionjediStallDetailed.mp4 (5:49)
  • 05JediStallsOverview.mp4 (2:22)
  • 06AlternatingStallPatterns.mov (8:01)

Under the Leg (~7 minutes):

  • 07UTLUHWeaveLightingBolt.mp4 (4:00)
  • 08UTLBFHR.mp4 (3:18)

Other Fun Stuff (~45 minutes):

  • 09Spiral.mp4 (6:04)
  • 10InfiniteSpiral.mp4 (3:08)
  • 11Slingshot.mp4 (2:36)
  • 12LongArmPendulums.mp4 (1:29)
  • 13IntroToPlaneBreaking.mov (9:05)
  • 14IntroToPlaneBreakingSecondAngle.mov (6:20)
  • 15IntroToTosses.mov (4:18)
  • 16Airwraps.mov (2:06)

Here’s a video preview of the course showing the moves taught in the video series. Footage is taken from the video you will download.

After spending some time getting this prepared, we’re pleased to announce the launch at 50% off until 1/20/15, reduced from $28 to $14 for those who use the buy lesson button below to purchase the series. Here’s hoping you have as much fun with these moves as we do!

Poi Fire Dancing Lessons

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