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Here are some fun things that came up recently where Temple of Poi showed up in the news.

First, check out this interview with North Carolina based fire artist Casey Houle“I’ve been chasing the flow state:” The interview covers a range of topics and includes reference to the Temple of Poi fire safety manual — which we couldn’t be more pleased to see. Alex Neal’s interview with Casey originally appeared October 30, 2014 on the When the Music’s Over blog.

Next, we recent got this fabulous 2012 Fire Dancing Expo recap video from Bryan Ashby Media which is an interesting side view of a few highlights from the show. Enjoy!

Here’s another belated fun one from the summer. While everyone else was off to the playa, Riff Raff blog did an article on 3 Surprising Ways You Can Do Burning Man at Home, including a little blurb about Temple of Poi. If you’re looking for that fiery experience for yourself, a few friends, at a party — it’s great for bachelorette and bachelor parties, a team building activity, at an event or just as an empowerment experience, you can get that Burning Man feel with our Zero to Fire in 4 Hours workshop which will have you go from no experience to fire in just 4 hours! Here, watch GlitterGirl doing this with tourists on TV!

And finally, for those who don’t know, Nova is an interdisciplinary artist and one of his passions is Warhammer, for which he recently started a blog and added some Pintrest boards as well. Meanwhile, Nova is a big fan of Blue Table Painting who recently did a fun little shout out for Temple of Poi in this video.




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