Ninja Training with Nova

Ninja Training with NovaHave you ever wished you were able to transcend your tools and use your body as the flow instrument? If so, join Nova for this special 8 week conditioning, embodiment and fitness training program this fall designed to get your body ready to move more powerfully before the holidays.

Sessions are 65 minutes including stretching, conditioning, aerobics and exploration of your body in the environment you’re in. Sessions will meet outdoors 6:25 – 7:30 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays starting 9/29 and will meet every week until November 20. Participants will meet out front of the Jewish Contemporary Museum on Mission between 3rd and 4th streets across from Yerba Buena Gardens and will move through a circuit as directed where they will improve agility, strength, balance and endurance.

Students will be moving around so it’s best to come empty handed (save a water bottle as you will sweat) so as to not need to travel with items through the circuit/streets.

Having transformed his body from an overweight 250 pound teen to a lean 150 pound ninja, Nova will draw from his own training and background in rugby, martial and flow arts, guiding students on a journey of greater discovery of their body and their capabilities. While the class does not use external props, the practice will explore the use of the body as the prop itself. As Nova says, “I’ve transcended my poi; my body is the flow tool.”

Students should expect to sweat, run and be challenged physically. As with any exercise program, consult your physical before beginning a new program. If you have any questions or concerns about your qualifications for this class, please contact GlitterGirl (glittergirl [that pretty little at sign] templeofpoi [daaaaaaught] com) with your concerns.


  • Drop in for a session: $15 – bring cash, exact change, to each session*
  • Weekly pass (3 sessions): $40 ($5 savings) – bring cash, exact change, to the Monday session each week*
  • Monthly pass (12 sessions): $140 ($40 savings)
  • Best Value: Introductory sale 50% off: Two month pass (24 sessions): $180 ($180 savings)

*contact us to confirm class is happening that night/week.

For those who haven’t seen him perform, here’s a video of Nova at Compression, 2013.

Monthly Pass!

Register here with your non refundable $140 payment.

Month 1 (12 sessions), starts 9/29/14Poi Class Registration


Month 2 (12 sessions), starts 10/27/14Poi Class Registration

2 Month Pass

Register here with your non refundable $180 payment for access to all 24 sessions from 9/29 to November 22.  

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