Poi Boot Camps: Beginner (from anywhere) & Int/Adv All Access Class Pass

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Poi Classes: Boot Camp Lessons at a discount

Artists: Nova, GlitterGirl & Zihni
Photographer: Christy Carr

Temple of Poi’s fall 2014 semester is about to begin and we’ve got some great stuff lined up for you. This fall, you can participate in a few different poi dancing boot camp options designed to jump start your poi education, help you stay motivated, inspired and in your learning practice while also earning a discount on lessons. Classes are divided up into two main levels:

  • Earn a 21% discount on Beginner classes: for students who no experience with poi or a very limited understanding of a few moves, such a a windmill/pinwheel, butterfly, weave or reel. Students have limited flow between moves and often don’t have as much independent hand control. Students have no experience with performance and this boot camp will help get artists started with a strong foundation in both the technique of poi as well as performance theory so that they can execute a rudimentary flow for an audience by the completion of the boot camp program. The beginner poi boot camp can be taken in one of the two formats:
    • In person: this is a 7 month program plus videos, fire gear and fire training to empower artists to go from no experience to performing with fire by the completion of the program. Classes take place in SOMA in San Francisco.
    • via the Internet: this is a 10 week program that includes videos and live Google Hangout Sessions. This series does not include a fire component but instead, can be taken from anywhere in the world via the internet.
  • Earn a 36% discount on the all access class pass: Intermediate and advanced students can gain access to all 17 intermediate and advanced classes this fall through the Intermediate/Advanced Fall 2014 Boot Camp. Classes are mixed level and will include students of various ranges. Material covered is confined to the topic of the class and as expansive within that topic as is necessary to provide new skills to each client. All sessions for this boot camp meet on Monday and Wednesday nights between September 22 and December 17. All sessions are in person meeting in SOMA in San Francisco, covering:
    • Size Matters: a 2 week poi series that focuses on big and small movement of the arms and poi, using poi that have been wrapped to make them shorter as well as extensions of the arms. Great for advanced beginners, intermediates and other artists with gaps in knowledge about short poi movements and long arm pirouettes.
    • Transition Flair: this 4 week poi class series focuses on adding more fun and flow to your style by introducing combinations using stalls, under the leg, tosses, plane breaking, tangles (air wraps, hyper loops, orbitals), spirals, wraps, floats and more. This is a mixed level series that allow poi students to take as much or as little of the material is appropriate for their level of skill. Class structure is decided in the flow, based on the students in the class, material known to them and material they wish to cover.
    • Funky Foot Flow & Combos: 3 sessions, each independent of the others, where students provide a series of moves GlitterGirl will then transform into a combination utilizing what the practitioners bring to the class. The dynamic generation of combinations makes for a unique experience each time personalized based on those attending.
    • Flowers, CAPS, Hybrids, Antispin, Lockouts and more is a 4 week series covering in spin and antispin combinations of flowers on the vertical and horizontal planes. This series is a mixed level class and students will work at their own pace so be prepared to focus on your own needs rather than allow distractions to pull you from your path.
    • Behind the Waist Wrap: explore the plane behind the back through weaves, waist wraps, crossers, melt downs, stalls and more in this 4 week series that will improve your flexibility and extend your repertoire.
  • The in person Beginner Poi Fire Dancing Boot Camp begins with the first class in the series, Beginner Poi Moves, currently with openings on:
  • The Beginner Poi Virtual Boot Camp  via Google Hangouts begins September 17, 2014. Poi Class Registration
  • The Poi Intermediate/Advanced Fall 2014 Boot Camp begins September 22. Poi Class Registration
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