Monday Night Partner Poi Workshop

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Please note: we are no longer accepting drop in for this class. You must contact GlitterGirl if you are a boot camp student and wish to attend or if you have questions.

Course Overview

this is an intermediate class
Partner Poi

Artists: Student Artists from the the 2011 Expo Aubrey, Ty, Jo
Photo: Cedric Sims

If you’re ready to start playing with other people and/or performing in duets or groups, this 8 week workshop is for you. Join GlitterGirl & The Amazing Zihni as they reveal the magic of partner poi work in this Monday night series. Classes will meet at Lines Ballet (26 7th Street, 5th Floor, Studio 4) from 8-9:20 pm on Monday nights the following evenings: 6/23, 7/7, 7/14, 7/21 7/28, 8/4, 8/11 & 8/18.

Space is limited and we run this workshop infrequently so we want to make sure to maximize the time we invest. Partner poi, like individual poi, is a practice. For that reason, we’ve doubled the duration of the workshop and make it 9 weeks instead of 4, meeting 80 minutes each week with 2 dedicated instructors each session. During the sessions, we will explain the move, practice each person’s version of the move modeling a different instructor for each position, work with different people so as to better understand how the move works, and practice working in partnership to create intersubjective flow. The instructors will move through the class and will work with students throughout so you can feel what the move works like when spinning with someone more experienced.

Have no idea what partner poi is? Check out GlitterGirl & Zihni in action here!

You do notneed to bring a partner to the class, though we do have a special 38% discount if you want to. We will have all the students work with each other so we can appreciate the differences height, arm span and other body elements play into the practice.

The focus of the workshop is to introduce artists new to dancing with others to partner poi movements and to help artists (new and experienced) develop and refine ways to work in duets and small groups. Each session will offer students new ways of considering how to move in connection with other individuals. This will include:

  • stall combinations
  • back to back weaves
  • one handed partner moves
  • 4 beat weaves
  • thread the needles
  • wraps and tap backs
  • mirror movements
  • stacked patterns

We will also cover basic choreography concepts to help you get started on creating your own performance with partners and groups.

GlitterGirl & The Amazing Zihni

Artists: GlitterGirl & The Amazing Zihni
Photo: Waldemar Horwat


Students should know the following moves:

  • buzzsaws
  • weaves
  • pinwheels
  • butterflies
  • hip reel/pinwheel combos

Familiarity with wall plane work is helpful but not required.


  • The workshop is divided into 2 sections: Part I, the first 4 weeks, will focus more on one handed work that will later be used for two handed patterns during Part II. Because of the progressive nature of the material covered in this class, students may not attend Part II on drop in.
  • Students may drop in the first 3 nights of Part I, but must get prior permission from GlitterGirl to do so the 4th night.
  • Students who are already familiar with 1 handed 2 person patterns (3 beat and 4 beat) and can demonstrate competence with GlitterGirl in advance may skip Part I of the workshop and begin attending on week 5. Otherwise, students must attend Part I to attend Part II. If you wish to attend Part II only, please contact GlitterGirl (email her directly at GlitterGirl (that crazy little at symbol) templeofpoi (Period) com) to make arrangements.
  • Due to the higher overhead (2 instructors instead of one), tuition is $40 drop in instead of $30. Beginner Poi Boot Camp students may use boot camp credits AND you must register in advance with GlitterGirl as space is limited.
  • Tuition for an individual is $320 for all 8 weeks, payable in two payments of $160. The first payment is paid with the click of this button. The second payment is due in cash to GlitterGirl on or before 7/28. By clicking this button, you agree to make both payments regardless of your attendance in class (for any reason) so please be serious before signing up.

Discount Opportunity

What we’ve learned playing together is, It takes two to tangle!In the interest of supporting you tangling your poi with someone else and getting the most out of your investment, we’re offering this crazy 38% discount if you sign up with someone else. We figure if you sign up with them, you’re more likely to practice with them, which means you’re more likely to have more partner poi fun! We have a limited number of discounted spaces in the It Takes 2 To Tangle Special so sign up now using this link and email GlitterGirl with the name and email address of the second student.

Please note all purchases are final and we do not do refunds. If you have any questions, contact GlitterGirl before signing up. Also, if you are interested in attending and need financial assistance, please contact GlitterGirl and propose a discount/payment schedule that would work for you.

Single Person, all 8 classes, $160 down, $160 due, CASH, before 7/28.
It Takes 2 To Tangle Special, all 8 classes for 2 people, $200 down, $200 due, CASH, on or before 7/28.


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