Burn Before the Burn Boot Camp!

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Beginner Poi Boot Camp for BurnersJoin us for this program running from May 14 till the August 20 where you’ll go from no (or low) poi skills to being able to impress your non fire dancing friends and family with fun fire poi spinning by the end of August — just in time for that fun alternative festival we’ve all grown so fond of out in Black Rock City.

All in person classes are held in our San Francisco studios in SOMA at one of these locations: Temple of Poi studio (953 Mission Street, Suite 11 between 5th and 6th streets) or Lines Ballet (26 7th Street between Mission and Market).

The program includes the following:

Beginner Poi Moves: 6 80 minute sessions teaching the “alphabet” of poi: 25 drills & over 40 different moves/combos. Attend the May 14 or May 19 session. List: $180
Practice poi made of bean bags so it hurts less when you hit yourself in the learning process. For those who already have practice poi, we will let you get $30 of additional material from our Video Store. List: $30
Beginner Poi Moves Videos Review: Enjoy the follow-up downloadable videos that summarize the material covered each night on video for Classes 1 & 2 (drills and foundation), class 3 (sweeps/chasing the sun, basic turning), class 4 (corkscrews, pinwheels, basic combos), class 5 (25 variants on the butterfly) and class 6 (weaves and variants) List: $45
Beginner Poi Dance: 4 80 minute sessions teaching the “composition” of poi: transitioning between moves, new moves & performance for beginners. This session will run June 25, July 9, 16 & 23. For a more detailed understanding of the material, you can view the information for this session, currently in progress. List: $120
Beginner Poi Dance Videos Review: Take advantage of the 56 minutes of downloadable video education teaching and reinforcing the “composition” of poi where we review transitions between the material taught in the Beginner Poi moves series while also initiating you into the world of Poi Performance. List: $30
Beginner Poi Fire: 4 80 minute sessions teaching the “safety and ignition” of (fire) poi. As part of this program, we strongly encourage you to bring friends & train them to be your safety person as part of this series (included in your tuition). For a more detailed understanding of the material, you can view the information for this session that’s about to start. Class will meet July 30, August 6, 13 & 20. List: $120
Fire Poi and Duvetyne: As part of the Beginner Poi Fire Class, we’ll help you make and size your very own fire poi and we’ll provide you with your own fire safety blanket as well (Duvetyne) List: $30
The Archer Weave DVD: Enjoy this 2 hour video with 10 discrete lessons covering variations on the weave List: $15

Students who complete all the material in the boot camp should expect to be able to casually perform comfortably in front of their friends and family with fire. As with all practices, the more the student puts into the practice, the more they will get out. Students will also have the information necessary to afford them an understanding of how to safety and effectively spin fire before Burning Man 2014 starts.

The list price of this program is $630. If you join this boot camp program instead, you’ll earn a 37% savings and pay 4 monthly payments of $100 a month. Choose between the  May 14 or May 19 Beginner Poi Moves series, use the correct link below and pay your first month’s payment of $100. Your the June, July and August payments will all be due on or before the 15th of each month in CASH directly to GlitterGirl or delivered to Temple of Poi (953 Mission Street, Suite 11 in the basement) during business hours and slipped through the mail slot.

Sign up now!

To join, consider which of the following series classes works better for your schedule, either the May 14 or May 19 Beginner Poi moves series and email GlitterGirl Directly (send it to her GlitterGirl account on the TempleOfPoi server — with a .com on the end of course). Then select the appropriate registration link below. After students register, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions. Feel free to email or call (415.543.4911) with additional questions.

Please note, by signing up for this boot camp, you are agreeing to pay the full tuition of $400 on or before August 15, 2014. Regardless of your attendance in the class, all payment are due. 

Sign up now with your non refundable deposit of $100 (covering the May 2014 Month 1 payment). Payments may be transferred to another series with more than 7 days notice.

Join the Burn Before the Burn Boot Camp starting May 14, 2014
Join the Burn Before the Burn Boot Camp starting May 19, 2014

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Burner Fire Boot Camp

Burner Fire Boot Camp

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