2014 Fire Dancing Expo Lineup

What: 9th Annual Union Square Fire Dancing Expo
Where: Union Square, stage on Post side of the street between Powell & Stockton, San Francisco, CA, USA
When: April 26, 8 PM
Who: Read below
Cost: Free

Bring a blanket, chair, ear muffs, hot drink and join artists from around the world for this fire dancing extravaganza! Temple of Poi, in conjunction with Union Square Live, are pleased to present the largest, free, legal, public fire dancing show in the Western Hemisphere celebrating it’s 9th year in 2014. Enjoy a 90 minute family-friendly program featuring artists of all ages and skill levels as they wield a variety of flaming tools on this beautiful Union Square stage.

Reserved, VIP, Front Row seating and photographer's check in map for Union Square Fire Dancing Expo
Reserved, VIP, Front Row seating and photographer’s check in map for Union Square Fire Dancing Expo (Click Image For Larger View)

In addition to the fiscal support granted through Union Square Live and Temple of Poi, we wish to give a special thank you to those who made this event possible, for the 4th year in a row, because of the generous donations to our Kickstarter.com 2014 Fire Dancing Expo campaign. If you acquired a reserved seat — the only chairs that will be available for the performance that you will not need to bring yourself — via the Kickstarter or are a VIP seat holder, please arrive early (7 pm or earlier) to get your seat passes (at the security check point on the map, indicated by the large ‘S’) and avoid the line for 230 people going through a single check point.

If you are a photographer, we strongly suggest you arrive by 6, before the check point is set up, to work with the other photographers who will be there. GlitterGirl has several spots reserved in front of the monument for her VIP photographers/videographers and the remaining folks will work, on a first come first served basis, with the remaining space in front of the monument.

Photographers who arrive early should get their pass at the check point after the barricades go up. This map shows a bit about the layout of the square, including the checkpoint.

If, like the majority of the other 3000 people attending the show, you did not get a seat through the Kickstarter and you want to sit, we recommend you arrive by 6 PM with your chairs, place them behind the place where the barricades will go (as indicated on this map), and watch the set up of the show unfold over the next two hours. Bring food and friends and be prepared for the square to get cold as the sun sets so bring lots of layers.

Note: As the size of the crowd has increased, there has been an increase in the amount of garbage left in the plaza. This is a Leave No Trace event — clean up after yourself! You bring it to the square, be sure it finds it’s way to a recycling receptacle or with you as you leave and preserve our community space generously donated to this event.

Without further ado, we present to you the 2014 Union Square Fire Dancing Expo Lineup (in no particular order):

2014 Fire Dancing Expo Mochitoki


(Mark “Mochitoki” Wolfe)

Mochitoki is stepping through the veil, bringing Myth to Life through Fire, Ceremony and the Performance Art of “Magic Within Movement”. Stilt Walking, Mythic Characters, Fire Dancer and more!

Tori Johnson

This is a 3 poi act entitled “Girl Poi” and is choreographed by Tori Johnson.

2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Tori Johnson
2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Gypsy Bella

Gypsy Bella

Gypsy Bella, representing from Humboldt County in Northern California. She has founded her own collective Bella Vita Fire Dance Co working with the Mischief Lab; a team of fire artists out of Arcata, Ca.
The name of her act: (Mantanga el Feugo), displays the beauty of physical fire we see, but also the representation of keeping the fire inside alive; maintaining the flame of passion in our hearts!

Thrift Shop Girlz, a trio from Aires Fire collective

(Glitch, Pique & DanaBlaze)

Thrift Shop Girlz is a trio from Aries Fire Arts Collective in Sonoma County. Aries is a troupe of fire dancers who have performed at weddings, festivals, art openings, taverns, farmers markets, fund raisers, private parties and other special events. We look forward to heating up your event while we dance choreographed fire pieces with poi, staff, fans, snakes and hoops!

2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Thrift Shop Girlz
2014 Fire Dancing Expo - LadyVex


LadyVex appears in the 2014 Fire Expo with her debut solo fire fans performance. A NYC native, she has previously performed as part of the group “Claire DeLuxe and the Fandango”.


A young man at the age of 20 has been spinning poi for 3 years, he brings a fast pace of poi spinning to the table, in hopes to be recognized.

2014 Fire Dancing Expo -- Knick Knack
2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Powell

Big Band Back Flips

Hailing from Boston Mass. now residing in Berkeley CA, this fire performer has tried to create a whole new family of props to for the community to play and perform with. For the 2014 fire expo he will be performing with a never before seen prop called the Meteor Dart Hammer which combines 3-4 standard fire props and several different spinning styles. Heavily influenced by both Jazz and Secret Agent Movies as a child Alex’s performance is nothing short of James Bond chase seen.

Heather Denham

Heather Denham is a whimsical performance artist specializing in fire prop manipulation, hooping, dance, and costume design. She volunteers regularly in her community and abroad including the 2013 Spark! Circus tour for disadvantaged children along the Thailand Burma border. Heather has also appeared throughout the Bay Area, Nevada, and Oregon as a solo act and with the hoop-dance group Mandala.

2014 Fire Dancing Expo -- Heather Denham
2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Jaden Rose & FamWOW

Jaden Rose & FamWOW!

Jaden Rose and FamWOW! have been performing together with their fire and light performance, Solar Flare, troupe since 2007. Jaden Rose has been performing with staff, double staff, hoop, twin hoops, and fire eating since 2003. She has performed a hundreds of events and festivals in California, Nevada, Oregon and Hawaii. Seth has been performing with poi, staff, double staff and contact sword since 2006. He was the creator of the Solar Flare logo and website.

Dylan T Bradley

Conceived between particles of the Aurora Borealis, Dylan T Bradley entered into a world of frozen tundra: Alaska. In 2011, the urge to grow creatively took over, and dreams to live on the West Coast were fulfilled.  He has since performed in the 2013 San Francisco Fire Expo, High Sierra Music Festival, as well as performed for artists such as Birds of Paradise, Nominus, Phutureprimitive, Amae Love and Random Rab.

2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Dylan T Bradley
2014 Fire Dancing Expo - The Mythmaker

The Mythmaker

(Mitchell Englander)

The Mythmaker is an entity that is not from this world. He has fallen from his home planet Grok, during a Cosmic Freak Show tour bus accident. Lost and stranded on this new planet, he has found that the Human Race is genetically similar to his own Alien Race. Summoning the primal energy and heat of fire, a ceremonial dance ritual may be conducted to possibly bring us all back together in the universe. We are all one, we are all brothers and sisters together, and we are all on the wrong planet…

Neon FireBalls

(Performers: Aaron Bingo Daniel Carol Conrad, Coco, Det Ignition, Gaboulicious, Joe Palmieri, JustinB, Karen Liu, Kathy Lo, Lane Lillquist, Lady Luminosity (Laurie Light), Linda Ingram, Lindley Mease, Roxxi Bear, & Wolf. Director/choreographer: GlitterGirl.)

Neon Fireballs, a group of 15 Temple of Poi students, comes together from different walks of life (including music teacher, software engineers, environmental science and policy, mom, receptionist, usher, business systems analyst and volunteer EMT) to create this lighthearted spoof comedy performance. This dynamic group spans over 3 decades, their ages ranging from 25 to 57. The Fireballs have grown together in their practice, gaining greater skill as technicians and performance artists and are pleased to bring you their premier fire performance, “Feel the Burn.”

2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Neon FireBalls
2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Portland Pyro

Portland Fire & Light

(Ilex, Flow Faerie & DigiCat)

Portland Fire and Light will be presenting their own enactment of “The daze of Kat in the Hat”. Combining Digi Cats tech skills and personality with a high energy, playful duo with Ilex and Flow Faerie, this show will leave you with a nostalgic comedy skit that can be enjoyed by all ages.

GlitterGirl, Nova & The Amazing Zihni

(Isa GlitterGirl Isaacs, Patrick Nova Haley & Erol Zihni Efendioglu)

Drawing from a combined 24 years of flow arts experience, instructors Patrick ‘Nova’ Haley & Erol ‘Zihni’ Efendioglu come together with Temple of Poi founder Isa ‘GlitterGirl’ Isaacs to bring you this intergalactic performance. Catch the premier of their act, “May the Force Be With You” on fire at the 2014 Expo.

2014 Fire Dancing Expo - GlitterGirl, Nova & The Amazing Zihni
2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Leo Comunian

Leo Comuniàn

I’m an Italian performer and I play poi since 5 years and into it I like to find crazy geometry! Do you think I love to complicate my life? no, it’s just my way to find the flow.

Ministry of Flow

(Lionessa FireStorm, Africa, Amy Sarojini, Nomadic Flame, Britt Dawg, Ade, Andrew, Judah, Jillian, Drea, Sari, Nikko, Paul Savage, Big Mike, Andrew Martyn)

At Ministry of Flow we come together as a collective of flow artists, performers, musicians, teachers, healers and flow enthusiasts to develop and share our gifts and talents. This is to inspire others learn and incorporate flow into their lives and experience fulfillment, joy and happiness.
Watch us on YouTube.

2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Ministry of Flow
2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones

Presenting a burning ballad to the song “Maps”, Sarah Jones from Evansville Indiana will be using rope wick fans and a unique dance style to celebrate the bliss of romance.


(Jennifer Valentine & Heru)

Vesica is the galactic space gangsta duo Jennifer Valentine and Heru. Vesica infuses various types of media with flow and performance arts.

2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Vesica
2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Adonis Vai

Adonis Vai

This will be Adonis’ first year performing in the Expo, but his routine “Touch” will leave you hot under the collar. Focusing on showmanship as well as technical proficiency, Adonis aims to provide a spectacle to remember. Specializing in contact staff, he also eats and breathes fire, emcees shows and events, and clowns.

Jim Hendrickson

Jim Hendrickson has been fire hooping for just over three years and in the past has been part of a fire hooping duo. This will be his first solo performance with fire on stage. He brings a high level of energy, athleticism and unique style to his performance which will ideally inspire others.

2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Jim Hendrickson
2014 Fire Dancing Expo -- Devon 'D'Light' and Coité

Devon ‘D’Light’ & Coité

(Devon ‘D’Light’ & Coité)

Devon ‘D’Light’ and Coité are members of Solar Flare, and have recently performed their duet for a David Starfire music video. Devon ‘D’Light’ is a white warrioress waving love and light through the flames of her fans. Coité is a practitioner of Capoeira and Tai Chi Chaun, which he weaves into his dance as he wields his fire machetes.

Fire Arts Collective

(Allison Bloodworth, Laurel Collins, Carolyn D’Andrea, Nancy Fleischauer, Sarah Hartman, Larua Pellaton, Marcy Protteau)

Fire Arts Collective is a fire & glow performance troupe that has been entertaining audiences since 2003. Our goal is to share our love with fire spinning with the world, and we’ve performed at numerous events from private parties to the Fire Expo to Burning Man. Please contact us via email at info@fireartscollective.com or visit our Facebook page to arrange an exciting and safe fire or glow performance at your event!

2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Fire Arts Collective
photo coming soon…

Elsa Seal

Elsa’s hoop dance to electro-funk-hop ditty “Cirkus” by Gramatik is a tribute to the hoop and to all of the people and opportunities that have spun into her orbit because of it.


With today’s technological anxieties, Potter spins poi as a way to meditate and escape the chaos our climate often burdens us with. In a world that is always on, the only exit may be to just burn it away. Through the symbolism of poi, Potter tries to achieve this.

2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Potter
2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Leilani


Leilani NeonCircus Ruff and her square are taking the stage to honor one of her favorite and most notorious comedians, Charlie Chaplin. Hailing from the Centennial state, Colorado, Leilani has a background in theater, music, and dance which has lead to her studies in prop manipulation and clowning. She moved out to San Francisco in May 2013, in order to continue her pursuit towards her dreams and ambitions.

Kimberly Marie & Lisa Marie Garris

Kimberly Marie and Lisa perform a hoop-poi duet to Caravan Palace’s Rock it to Me. Kimberly will be dancing hula hoop with Lisa spinning poi. It’s going to knock your socks off!

2014 Fire Dancing Expo
2014 Fire Dancing Expo  - Jeremy & Rachel

Rachel Blue & Jeremy Croxton

Meeting for the first time on this very stage, one year ago, Jeremy and Rachel return to bring you a new and exciting collaboration. Other than falling in love, getting engaged, and such over the last year, the duo has been exploring a new fusion of partner dance and prop play.

Sacred Fire Dance

(Sequoia, Adrienne Beatty, Kimberly Marie, Lisa Marie Garris, Maria Santoyo & Rachel Juarez)

Sacred Fire Dance is Northern Caliornia’s premier fire dance and performing arts group since 2003. Shows include multiple styles of dance and music, infused with
myth and fantasy to create a unique story told through movement. This piece is a fan dance to Beats Antique’s Egyptic that has been performed over 600 times internationally at Huis Ten Bosch Japan and includes a dynamic choreography written by Sequoia, the director of Sacred Fire Dance.

2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Sacred Fire
2014 Fire Dancing Expo - Celsius & Maxim

Celsius Maximus & Maxim Maximus

Celsius Maximus and his son Maxim (pronounced Mak-seem) Maximus perform together showing the world that fire spinning knows no age limits. Little Maxim, who’s now 6 and youngest fire dancer in the world, is actually a veteran of the fire expo and first performed with his father when he was only 3 years old! This is what bonding time looks like!


4 thoughts on “2014 Fire Dancing Expo Lineup

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  1. Hi, everyone.. I would like to ask if I can join the team next Expo? I do Fire dancing also back in Boracay, Aklan Philippines. I do fast moves and dance to the rhythm of the musics. Im doing it for almost 4 years now.. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.. God Bless your Team.. 🙂

    1. Alquin:

      join this group on facebook so you can be prepared for the call for artists next year. we do have some travel stipends and have yet to have an artist from the Philippines. https://www.facebook.com/groups/205277309505492/

      the call for artists for 2015 will go out in December of 2014. You can look at the 2014 call for artists to get a sense of the process. 🙂 https://templeofpoi.wordpress.com/2013/12/16/call-for-artists-2014-union-square-fire-dancing-expo/

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