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SF Medicine Flow ArticleIn case you haven’t seen them, here are a few things that have gone on in the last 8 months that are worth mentioning, all jumbled into this one article.


First, there was this two part interview series with The Other Side Show. In episode 1, hear GlitterGirl talk about the origin of Temple of Poi and the transformative impact poi has been in her life and rehabilitation. Part II of this interview goes into some depth about the history of the Upcoming Fire Dancing Expo and talks a little bit about the Fire, Fotos, Footage and Fun Fire Jam.


few blogs in the cybersphere have made mention of GitterGirl as well. First, check out this article Drex wrote on The Eras of Poi — a fascinated read if you’re interested in understanding how things have evolved in the past dozen year. Note the oldest era. And second there was the surprising experience of being an honorable mention for the Female Poi Spinner of the Year for 2013 in F.I.R.E Magazine.

GlitterGirl Published & Private Interview

San Francisco Medicine Journal of the San Francisco Medical Society did a series of articles on Medicine and Performing Arts and included a 1 page article written by GlitterGirl about her experience using Flow Arts as part of her healing. In fact, she also took some time recently to share in an interview on the subject where she shares about some powerful experiences students have had using poi as a healing tool.

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