Thankful for Flooring!

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20131125-005847.jpgLook what we got just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving, GlitterGirl and Nova took some time this weekend to install some new flooring. 20131125-005215.jpgNext time you come to the Temple, you’ll enjoy these soft mats under your feet. This will help lighten the load — on your body and in the space so you can enjoy your classes even more.
As always, no shoes in the main space – now it will be even easier to tell where that line is.
While we were installing the flooring, we took some time to clean the space and get rid of lots of dust. 20131125-005248.jpg Yukky cobwebs and dust indeed! 20131125-005057.jpg
We ran into a few snags during installation and had to start again because the room really isn’t square. It gave Nova an opportunity to practice some new cartwheel fun. 20131125-010319.jpg 20131125-010557.jpg

20131125-011414.jpgIn addition to the dust, we uncovered the goddess pictured here. 20131125-010859.jpg
If you want to see the flooring yourself, stop by for one of our upcoming classes. There’s the Beginner Poi Dance series starting next week, December 4 at 8 pm. 20131125-011127.jpgWe have another class starting at 8 pm for intermediate and advanced students — Transition Flair — though that one is running at Lines Ballet. We also have the Advanced Beginner class series, most likely running at Temple of Poi starting December 9 at 8 pm.
Otherwise, you’ll have to join us next year in our Beginner Moves series starting January 6, 2014, 8 PM. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this compilation of installation photos.20131125-011338.jpg

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