Split Opposite CAP Swivel Video Lesson Available

Posted on November 19, 2013 by


Split Opposite SwivelAs we work through our catalog of recorded lessons, this week we pull out the side plane, split time, opposite direction, CAP Swivel lesson. This video class consists of one 8.5 minute videos. The video explains each side plane opposite direction split time CAP then explains how to connect them together in a swivel combination.

As with all skills of their kind, flowers are a practice and in many respects, an infinite game of refinement and this is a small subset of what’s possible with side plane CAPs.

These videos were filmed live at Temple of Poi classes in San Francisco in Winter 2012 and are the review videos for the intermediate CAP material covered in class that night. This 8.5 minute video lesson is available to you for $2 tuition for the download. In addition to this video, you can review the rest of our for-purchase video library or  our library of free lessons available on YouTube.