8th Annual Fire Dancing T-shirt Limited Edition, get yours now!

2013 Fire Dancing Expo Shirt
8th Annual Union Square Fire Dancing Shirt for the 2013 Fire Dancing Expo, April 27, 2013. Art by Nova. This design will be placed on the front of the T-shirt

We’re in full swing in the production of the 2013 Fire Dancing Expo and as part of our show, we are creating shirts for our  contributors and fans. We’re pleased to announce the design and pre-sales of the 2013 Union Square Fire Dancing t-shirt. The design, centered around a figure 8 representing the 8th annual event, will be produced in a dark chocolate with a gold ink on top of it. Temple of Poi resident artist Nova, aka Patrick Haley, will be doing the screen printing of his design.

We had hoped to have the shirts ready so people could pick them up the night of the show. However, due to a failed hard drive, our technology held us up and preventing the digitizing process from happening any sooner.

2013 Fire Dancing Expo Shirt Sizing
2013 Fire Dancing Expo Shirt Sizing. Please note, sizes 2XL and have an additional fee

We will be producing a small number of these for the 2013 Kickstarter reward fulfillment and, if you’d like to order one now and support us as we work long hours to produce the show without pay, we’d be most grateful.

Shirts are $25 mailed via USPS to the continental US and $30 to Canada and non continental US.

All other countries, please contact glittergirl <at> templeofpoi <daught> com to make arrangements. If you are local in San Francisco, we’ll definitely let you pick up the shirt in person though we’ll still charge you $25 and consider you picking it up a donation to our cause — so thanks! 🙂

This is a tough time of year for us fiscally because we don’t get paid to produce the expo and we spend time where we would normally earn money producing the show instead. You’ll be helping offset the cost of producing the shirts for the Kickstarter rewards while getting something super awesome in the process — a real win-win!

2013 Fire Dancing Expo Shirt
This “dark chocolate” is the color of the shirt which will have a screen print in gold of the pattern pictured on this page on the front.

We will be accepting purchases through April 21, 2013 and then we will order the shirts and produce them. We anticipate mailing the shirts out mid to late May, 2013.

Purchase your shirt here using the correct link. Shirt sizing is listed in the table on this page to assist you in selecting the best fit.

Shirts are $25 delivered to continental USA sizes S-XL, and priced up from there for different shipping or 2XL and larger.

All purchases are non-refundable and all shirts are non-returnable

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  1. I’m performing at the show, but will not be in San Francisco till the 26th, will there still be any shirts for purchase then?

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