Quintessential Checklist for Flow Performers

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As technology changes and opportunities for fire dancing performances expand, more flow artists than ever are finding themselves in front of audiences of all kinds. This article offers a must have checklist of items to bring to your gigs and is a great resource for artists new to the performance world.

Poi and Staff Fire Dancing: GlitterGirl and Hunter

For All Gigs:

  • all the tools you will use for the performance, burned a few times and in good working order
  • a sound system you know projects music at a volume loud enough to hear over the sound of the fire
  • music to play on the sound system — be sure to bring the music in a format that is usable on the sound system you will be using, especially if it is someone else’s system
  • a backup copy of the music — which can mean both MP3 as well as CD versions of the music
  • charged batteries for your light up toys and sound system as necessary
  • a cable that will connect from a headphone jack (an 1/8th inch cable) to a mixing board (RCA for left and right channel) which is also known as a “Y Adaptor”
  • power cords and extension cords for your sound system if you will be using an electrical outlet rather than batteries
  • business cards to hand out to the audience
  • your dancing shoes
  • costuming
  • makeup
  • any additional props used during your act

For Fire Gigs:

  • fuel if you are spinning fire
  • duvetyn or wet towel for your safety person
  • a trained person to act as your fire safety personnel
  • a lighter from which to ignite your tools
  • candle or caldron if you use one as part of your show
  • paperwork, as necessary, including fire permits and insurance certificate

Photo Credit: Waldemar Horwat

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