Limited Edition 2012 Fire Dancing Expo Shirts for Sale!

Posted on February 5, 2013 by


If you’re looking for other opportunities to contribute, we have a small quantity of limited edition 2012 Fire Dancing Expo T-shirts that have been designed and silkscreened by Temple of Poi instrutor, Nova. These shirts were created to fund the 2012 Fire Dancing Expo and we had a few left in stock, so we’re offering them up to the community. Shirts are fire safe and we only have 16 shirts in stock. All profits go to the Fire Dancing Expo fund to cover past shortfall.

Fund the Fire Dancing Expo

This is a photo of a Large or XL shirt with the imprint on the front. Though the colors are not true in this photo, the shirt is a beautiful red with a deep gold ink that really pops against the red.

Fund the Fire Dancing Expo

Here is the print with more details. Again, the shirt is red with gold ink.

Use this button to purchase one of the 12 medium shirts.

Use this button to purchase one of the 3 XL shirts.

We are out of stock on the small shirts though we have one additional large shirt in stock — please email GlitterGirlTempleOfPoicom for availability.

Shirts are $25 including shipping to your door in the continental US only. You must email GlitterGirl the correct mailing address if you are not using the one associated with your payment information.