Glitter & Fire Teasers

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After years of producing the Fire Dancing Expo in Union Square, film maker, producer, director and sometimes Temple of Poi student Danny Giles decided to create a documentary. Coming early next year we’ll have an interview with Danny about his upcoming movie, Glitter & Fire, which is officially described as follows: Isa’s passion turns San Francisco into her stage for her art form, which in turn enlarges the Fire Arts community in San Francisco beyond expectation.

In the meantime, here are some video teasers to get you fired up!

Isa (with Nova) discusses the difference between performing at Burning Man versus performing at the Fire Dancing Expo in San Francisco’s Union Square. 

Here is another clip from the movie timeline featuring Temple of Poi instructor and GlitterGirl’s dance partner Erol (aka The Amazing Zihni).

Glitter & Fire

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Producer/Director: Daniel Giles
Executive Producers/Film Mentors: Don Young & Johnnie Giles
Editors: Daniel Giles & Teddy Roundy
Transport/Assistant Director: Zaviera Reyes
Distributing: Center for Asian American Medi