Beginner Poi Moves Class October 29 – Just Added!

Join us for this special edition of the Beginner Poi Moves Series being co-taught by GlitterGirl & The Amazing Zihni at Lines Ballet in a beautiful room with high ceilings and lots of mirrors.

If you’re new to fire dancing and want to begin your poi journey off with some guided instruction, join us for this class series. This is a six week course which teaches students all the fundamental elements of poi movement. The classes focus on technique and understanding how to manipulate the poi effectively so as to create all the basic poi movements.Poi Fire Dancing: GlitterGirl & The Amazing Zihni

The Beginner Poi Moves class series teaches the “alphabet of poi” (ABC’s) and the followup class, Beginner Poi Dance, teaches the “composition of poi” — as in constructing sentences — “The cat in the hat.” Complete the beginner series trio with the Beginner Fire Class which teaches you fire safety, extinguishing fire and actually wielding fire yourself.

The Beginner Poi Moves class series is the foundation of the trio. If you have no experience, this class is for you. If you have limited experience then this class is probably for you — contact GlitterGirl (glittergirl <at> templeofpoi <daught> com) to set up your free assessment to see where you fit in our curriculum.

Each of the classes meets for 80 minutes, one time per week.

New series: 

  • Time/Dates: in 2013, 8 – 9:20 PM 10.29, 11.5, 11.12, 11.19, (skips 11.26 and resumes) 10.3 & 12.10
  • Location: Lines Ballet, 26 7th Street, 5th floor, studio 4 (the elevator is slow so leave extra time)

Each class is divided into the following class structure:

  • 25 min: warm ups, practice, performance, drills, review
  • 50 min: new move clinic, individual work, drills, practice
  • 5 min: homework assignments, review, cool down

This course provides instruction for the beginner poi dancers. During each class, new concepts will be introduced in the “new move clinic” which are then reinforced during the remainder of the class.

The first two classes focus on the fundamentals of poi movement. The next four classes cover the chasing the sun, stalls, corkscrew, pinwheel, butterfly and weave moves as well as extensive variations of these moves. All moves are taught in both directions for maximum learning.

To assist your learning process, you can purchase our computer based training material. For those who know they are committed to a poi practice, consider joining the Temple of Poi Beginner Poi Boot Camp program which offers a 20% discount on 7 months worth of classes.

Additional Information

You will need to have your own practice poi, or you can purchase a set from us. Tuition for this class is $180. Practice poi are $30 – $40, depending on style. Payment plans are available so please inquire with us directly (email glittergirl <at> templeofpoi <daught> com)

Register here with your non refundable $80 deposit and bring the balance of $100 in CASH the first day of class. Also bring cash if you wish to purchase poi ($30).

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