GlitterGirl’s Top 5 Crowd Pleasing Poi Performance Moves

There was recently a post on the Poi Chat group on Facebook asking for people’s top 5 performance moves that are crowd pleasers/show stoppers. In response, Temple of Poi Founder, GlitterGirl, took some time to write this response shared here for your pleasure! 🙂

  1. Any variation on a buzzsaw that is not just a buzzsaw — I love the BTB (behind the back) personally where i’m balancing on one leg because it looks dangerous, starts with a BZ in front and then I move it between the body and arms to BTB and lift the leg, giving the crowd the opportunity to applaud as I hold the pose. However, I get just as much if not more applause when I get down on my knees and lie on my back and then get back up. also, i have noticed I get more crowd response when I get on the ground with BZ and get back up than weave or butterfly or TTN though all of them are crowd pleasers.GlitterGirl Fire Dancing San Francisco Temple of Poi Lessons
  2. An antispin 4 petal flower while I’m moving backwards. huge crowd pleaser, have no idea why exactly.
  3. Organized legs which is an UTL alternate split time stall pattern moving from right to left and back (or vice versa) taking 8 counts total involving a capture of the hand under the other for a period of time (4 stalls).
  4. Opposite direction 3 petal reel turn around aka opposite direction chasing the sun turn around moving quickly is pretty much tied with a weave turn around moving quickly, but seems to get a better crowd response
  5. My absolutely best crowd response comes from when I hold the poi in my *gloved* hands for extended periods of time and trace my body. it was out of control crowd response when I was bald and traced my skull so if you don’t have hair i highly recommend trying that. 🙂

Honorable mentions:

  • Alternating UTL (under the leg) with a straight leg kick out to the side repeated a minimum of 4 times total but 6 or 8 really gets the crowd going. I can’t quite figure out if the front view or the back view is better but they both get a good response. It’s important to kick the leg all the way to the side (9/3 on the clock) because UTL goes by so fast the crowd just can’t figure out what’s up if you don’t. similarly, multiple repetitions are important for the same reason and it looks more athletic with the leg lift having a straight leg as well as more like a dancer. remember to point your toes to give it a clean line too. This move has been with me for 12 years and it still gets a rise out of the crowd.

Fire Dancing San Francisco

  • Anti turn 4 beat corkscrew
  • Ground scores at the opening of a set
  • Wraps, especially the crotch area
  • And, oddly,I have to put one in there for just a plain old butterfly that is executed with jumps hitting the beat of music precisely. it’s a simple move the crowd can relate to. When you execute it in conjunction with the music, you often get the crowd to nod with your jump and the music. it blows my mind that i can execute shit tons of way more complex stuff and this is when the crowd is loud. And, Ibelieve sincerely it is because the move is simple.

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