Give New Life to Old Clothing: Upcycle Workshop!

With Burning Man approaching and people shelling out lots of money for costumes and supplies to ready themselves to hit the playa, we have a special opportunity for you to support your wardrobe and wallet, all at the same time! Nova and GlitterGirl are getting together to lead a special series of 3 upcycle workshops. During the workshop we will show you upcycle designs we created on the cheap as we help you explore your clothing and figure out new and fun designes to give new life to old clothing. We can help you work with rips, tears and holes in your clothing; take clothing that is too small and reconstruct it to fit; take clothing that is too big and reconstruct it to fit you; and help you add personal style to your clothing.

Curriculum includes:

  • explore ideas for upcycling, especially TShirt upcycles
  • create upcycle designs
  • provide do it yourself instruction specific to your garment(s)
  • offer possibilities
  • educate you on how to create pieces for yourself
  • assist with design, sewing and serging work to help you finish your pieces in time for the playa
  • and you, yes YOU, designing and making your own cool personalized upcycles

Techniques we will discuss:

  • serging
  • cutting and hand weaving shirts
  • applique
  • rhinestones
  • under patches
  • inserting fabric
  • reconstruction

There are 3 sessions, each running 2 hours. Students can drop in to session 1 for $30, or sessions 1&2 or 1&3 for $60. For those looking to work on a series of pieces, sign up for all three sessions for $75. Please note you must attend session 1 (in which we explain the basic types of ideas that are used as a starting point) to attend sessions 2 or 3, though you can attend session 3 without attending 2 and vice versa.

For students working on bigger projects, they will have time between each session to work on the costume so the next time they come to class they will be able to move forward and get new coaching for the next part of the project.

Dates and times are:

  • Session 1: August 12, 5-7 PM
  • Session 2: August 16, 7-9 pm
  • Session 3: August 20, 7-9 pm

All sessions take place at Temple of Poi (953 Mission Street, suite 11 in the basement on Mission in SoMa between 5th and 6th)

Students should bring clothing they want to upcycle, extra fabric they may have, extra clothing they are willing to part with or share with other’s in the class and ideas for what they might like.

Please note, other services and additional time is available from us outside class for an added fee. Please note, space is limited to ensure everyone’s gets personalized attention. 🙂

Register here for this clothing upcycle workshop with your non refundable deposit. To see more of our designs, check out this video slide show.

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