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Looking to ninja up your poi skills this summer? Join Temple of Poi for the Poi Boot Camp Class Pass series happening during June, July and August, 2012.

Each class is a self contained lesson and unless indicated below, does not require you attending prior classes. Classes are thematic in nature. The specific material covered will fall within the described genre of movements though the material is custom tailored each and ever class in direct response to student feedback, skill level and input.

At the beginning of each session, we will assess where students are at, suggest different possible content and based on the feedback of the students present that night, we will co-create a fun learning experience where everyone grows their skills.


Space is limited so students are encouraged to sign up for the series rather than drop in.

  • Students may drop in to a single class for a drop in fee of $30. This must be paid in cash at the door of the class.
  • Students may also sign up for the Boot Camp Gold Class Pass which entitles then to 4 classes for a fee of $110, saving them $10.
  • Students gain the greatest discount by signing up for the Boot Camp Platinum Class Pass which entitles them to 10 sessions for $200, a savings of 33% or $100 off the regular price of tuition.
  • Students signing up for either Class Pass will receive a physical class pass the first night of class with their name on it. Students MUST present their class pass at any class they attend and their card will be punched based on the number of classes purchased.

Material & Prerequisites

All students should be familiar with the content of the Beginner Poi moves and Beginner Dance class. If you are uncertain if you are qualified for these sessions, please contact GlitterGirl at GlitterGirl TempleOfPoi com.

Below is the list of dates and the material being covered that class. All sessions will take place at Lines Ballet Studio at 26 7th Street. The specific floor and studio is listed below.

Dates Time Location Description Prerequisites
6.18.12 6:30-7:50PM 3rd Floor, #6 Stalls 1: This session will work on various stall combinations using independent hand movement on various planes (side, front, back and horizontal), in various directions (overhand and underhand) and in various ways (up, down, side, behind the back and isolated). Required: Stall one hand without stalling the other; Suggested: Basic Stall Drill
6.25.12 6:30-7:50PM 3rd Floor, #6 Under the Leg 1: This session focuses on various patterns where the artist is moving the poi under the leg, often accompanies by leg lifts and/or turns. The focus is on adding more kicks, turns and style to ones flow. Ability to lift leg and balance on one foot.
7.2.12 6:30-7:50PM 3rd Floor, #6 Turns: This session focuses on adding turns to ones flow by working with moves in the student’s repertoire and augmenting their ability to turn in flow with these moves. This session will utilize lots of follow the leader exercises as well as teaching turn combinations. N/A
7.9.12 6:30-7:50PM 3rd Floor, #6 This Used to Be Tech: This session focuses on variations thread the needle, the “impossible weave”, the cyclone, old school poly-rhythmics and other fun combinations that were more popular 7-10 years ago. N/A
7.16.12 6:30-7:50PM 3rd Floor, #6 CAPS & Antispin: This session will focus on drills for CAPS and other antispin patterns based on the preferences of the students present. Familiarity with flowers and antispin is highly recommended though not required.
7.18.12 8:00-9:20PM 5th Floor, #3 Stalls 2: This session expands the artists sense of stalls and focuses intently on jedi stall patterns. Stalls 1 or equivalent required; ability to do one hand up stalls very highly encouraged.
7.23.12 6:30-7:50PM 3rd Floor, #6 Spirals, Airwraps & Other Cool Shit: This session will play with various concepts to keep you entertained including spirals, airwarps, isolations, and integrating these patterns into your flow. N/A
7.25.12 8:00-9:20PM 5th Floor, #3 Toroids, Plane Breaking & Out of the Box movements: This session focuses on using your poi in non traditional, non linear ways, allowing the artist more freedom of motion through their movements. Long arm side plane pendulums from 9-3 are required; familiarity with jedi stalls highly encouraged.
7.30.12 6:30-7:50PM 3rd Floor, #6 Behind the Back: This class focuses on working with the back plane including behind the back weave, CAPS, lockouts, stalls as well as crossers, waist wraps and meltdowns. N/A
8.1.12 8:00-9:20PM 5th Floor, #3 Combos: this session focuses on putting together the moves, combinations and patterns worked on through the entire series by working on flowing between the moves and adding transitions into and out of the new patterns students acquired. 3 sessions in this boot camp or equivalent.


Payment plans are available. Contact GlitterGirl directly to make arrangements.

Drop in students and Gold Boot Camp students should email GlitterGirl (glittergirl <at> templeofpoi <daught> com) and indicate which class(es) they will be taking noting in particular which night is the first night of the boot camp for them.

Students interested in the 4 class Gold Boot Camp Class Pass should use this link below and pay a non refundable deposit of $60 and bring the $60 balance in cash with them the first night of class. Register and pay the tuition deposit using this link:

Students interested in the 10 class Platinum Boot Camp Class Pass should use this link below and pay a non refundable deposit of $100. The balance of $100 is due in cash on or before the 23rd of July by the end of class. Register and pay the tuition deposit using this link:

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