Festival Tips and Tricks to Care for You!

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Festival season is upon us — Yippie!! For those who are new to festivals and want to make sure you’re prepared, here’s 12 helpful tips from GlitterGirl given in response to this question:

Flo is at a flow festival! The festival spans several days, there are dozens of workshops all day long, and possibly fire spinning and other activities all night. Flo wants to do it all, day after day, absorbing as much knowledge as possible! Yet she also wants to make sure that she stays injury-free and able to continue practicing all of the awesome stuff she’s going to learn!

Oh wise community, what *specific* advice would you give Flo to help her stay healthy? What should she do and ingest when she wakes up to prepare her body for a full day of activity? What should she do between workshops to take care of herself? Before going to sleep? What should she be eating? You get the idea.

  1. ‎Drink more water than you think you need; watch your electrolytes.
  2. Load up on protein, not carbs, as they will work with you over the hours of play rather than give you just short term energy
  3. Sleep.
  4. Listen to your body
  5. Stretch. then do it again. and again. multiple times.
  6. Cross train with yoga.
  7. Use lighter weight tools so you have more endurance by not putting as much demand on your body throughout the day.
  8. Take time to ground every day a few times a day, even if it is only 5 minutes of quiet time.
  9. Keep the muscles covered when you’re cooling down between classes to prevent cramping
  10. Don’t use caffeine if possible – it dehydrates the body and gives “false” energy that taxes the adrenals and ultimately leads to crashing. If you must use caffeine, try to wait till the end of the festival so as to keep the adrenals in balance rather than taxed beyond necessary. Also, don’t take downers for the same reasons or worse, because it starts the drug induced cycle.
  11. Take calcium magnesium to help the transport of the lactic acid from the muscles. Thorne makes a great product.
  12. Finally, just say no. As much as you want to do everything, that can’t always happen. Making choices to say yes to some things may mean saying no to other things. This may mean sleeping till 10 pm and getting up and going out to the fire pit after solid rest and good food rather than trying to be there all night. by starting later, you can play later and you’ve given yourself the much needed extra reserve of energy only sleep can really provide.
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