Tech, Flow & The Force

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GlitterGirl here. I wrote this on Facebook on a Tech vs. Flow thread yesterday and I thought it might be useful to share some of these thoughts with a broader group of folks. This was in response to someone saying they have seen flow without tech and tech without flow. I contend we have both in all instances… just, perhaps, in different ratios.

I think even if we don’t have much competence with a move, that level of ability is the early/beginning end of “flow” that is at the least integrated end of the scale. However, someone trying at least showed up and got on the scale. One can not consciously start the flow journey until one becomes aware of the existence of that journey. To begin the practice and have conscious incompetence and that we are trying the movement at all is the first part of the flow journey.

For me, Flow is not a destination. I don’t see it as necessarily linear and I definitely don’t see it as black and white. Flow is all around us in everything. Our ability to adjust to that which is not us quickly dictates our adeptness at flow. And this varies, context to context, environment to environment.

Similarly, inherent in the concept of having “good” flow is the unconscious competence one attains through mastery, not a lack of technique.

Of course, for me, flow is about connecting that which is you and that which is not you with each other with increasingly more adeptness on every level — including and not limited to control, power, grace, agility artistry and beauty — which we might reduce to ‘mastery’ if you will.

Maybe Star Wars was too influential to me when I saw it at 10 years old and maybe it is silly to believe that Flow is “The Force” and like The Force, lies within each of us in each moment, in each action.

I think it’s just that we need to go through the levels of learning — unconscious incompetence (we don’t know what we don’t know); conscious incompetence (we know what we don’t know); conscious competence (we know what we do know (as well as what we don’t): and unconscious competence (where we know what we know so well we don’t even have to think about it) which I contend is godstate; ninja; master; jedi flow; divinity; our best unfolding and I’m sure countless other names for “seeing and being a face of god”. . .


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