Beginner Poi Dance Classes

in the AIDS Grove; Photo by Waldemar Horwat
Fire Dancers The Amazing Zihni, Nova & GlitterGirl doing CAPS

Join us for the Beginner Poi Fire Dancing Class at Temple of Poi. Next Dance Series: April 2, 2012, 6:30 – 7:50 PM.

Course Overview

This four week series teaches students transitions which allow them to combine the moves taught in the Beginner Poi Moves class. Students also learn how to add dance elements to make their performance more interesting and begin exploring their individual style. This class also helps students through their stage fright by allowing them a safe place to perform — in front of other students learning with them. To assist your learning process, you can purchase our 38 double sided flashcards for this class.


Students must have a working knowledge of poi and have either taken the Beginner Poi Moves Class or performed the relevant moves competently for one of the certified Temple of Poi instructors.

Course Overview

Each of the classes meets for 80 minutes, one time per week.

Each class is divided into the following class structure:

  • 25 min: warm ups, practice, performance, drills, review
  • 50 min: new move clinic, individual work, drills, practice
  • 5 min: homework assignments, review, cool down

The first class focuses on same direction transitions, the second class on opposing direction transitions, while the third and final class focus on putting the moves together and improving any weak spots the students may still be experiencing. More advanced students will also learn new moves as time permits.


Students registering for the Beginner Poi Dance and Beginning Poi Fire Class Series receive a 23% discount when paying for both sessions at once. Regular tuition is $240 for both series when taken individually ($120 each) and the combined discounted tuition is $200.

Register here for the Dance Class only with your 50% deposit – balance due IN CASH the first night of class:

Register here for the Dance and Fire Classes – $100 balance due IN CASH the first night of class – Please note there is an additional materials fee of $85 for your fire poi or student must provide their own poi. The materials fee is due the 2nd night of class:

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  1. Fire dancers amaze me! And incorporating the element of fire in a dance make things hotter! I can’t wait to learn Poi fire Dance. I’ll definitely take this class!:)

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